Wholesale Fiber for Cities and Towns

Transform Your Community into a Smart City

Give your community the economic edge and enhance quality-of-life with a Netly citywide fiber system. Because we make our network available to every address, you’ll futureproof your city, while bridging the digital divide.

Netly’s Value

High impact and minimal disruption, is how Netly Fiber builds underground, carrier grade, dark fiber to every location in a city. We never skimp on strands, or on quality. Netly Fiber’s infrastructure is terabit-certified to power your future.

Future-Proof Your City

Get your community the fastest speeds and Smart services with Netly’s citywide fiber system. Become a terabit ready city, now! We ensure every home, business, school, library, traffic light, and city owned facility, has access to terabit-ready optical fiber, encouraging innovation and bridging the digital divide.

Minimally invasive underground construction

Transform into a Smart City with Fiber

Attract new companies, remote workers

A more-reliable and better Internet experience for residents and businesses

No cost or risk to taxpayers

We add jobs and become part of the community

Smart Apps

Lower the cost of delivering municipal services by 10%, and increase property values by 3-4% by transforming into a Terabit Smart City. Netly Fiber provides the infrastructure your community can tap into to power Smart City services, devices, state-of-the-art wireless networks, and more.

Realize the full potential of Smart City services including:

Smarter, safer cities are built on fiber.

Edge Fiber Centers

We locate a state-of-the-art Netly Edge Fiber Center in every city we develop. Think of our Edge Fiber Center as a network operation center combined with a world class data center. It’s truly cutting edge! We invite you to take a tour and see the future of connectivity for your community.


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These days, safety and security is on everyone’s mind. At Netly Fiber, we provide the state-of-the-art dark fiber system that can be used by government entities, institutions, wireless carriers, internet service providers, and more. In our plug & play model, you control your own network and security to help ensure the most stringent standards are always being met.


Netly Fiber was started by Jack Demers and Jim Hanley, two innovative industry veterans with a sharp eye for quality and mutually-beneficial results. Their vision for a future built on fiber is coming to fruition in communities across California, where the Netly team works transparently with municipal leaders and community members to build the future-proof networks to enable what’s ahead!

Ready for Light?

Let’s talk and see how your community can become Netly Fiber city. Let’s work together to help you transform your city for the future.