Netly Fiber Announces Solana Beach, California is First Terabit-Ready Fiber City in United States

(June 13, 2022……Solana Beach, CA) Jack Demers, CEO, Netly Fiber announced today that the
company has finished construction of the nation’s first Open-Access Terabit-Ready fiber
network in Solana Beach, California. The multi-million dollar project took two years to complete
and includes ultra-high speed dark fiber access for every residence, business, traffic light, and
institution in the city. To achieve terabit speeds —more than 23,000-times faster than internet
speeds commonly found today—the Netly team took a bold approach and built multiple
dedicated strands of fiber to each address located on city streets. By doing so, the Netly Fiber
team was able to eliminate splitters and active components that slow speeds.


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