Wholesale Fiber for Utilities

Monitor and Control Your Grid Elements
with Speed and Reliability

Give your community the economic edge and enhance quality-of-life with a Netly citywide fiber network. Because we make our network available to every address, you can modernize your grid in days with our dedicated, secure strands of dark fiber.

Netly’s Value

Utilities are constantly transforming to become more efficient and reliable. Netly Fiber’s underground terabit certified dark fiber system provides the always-available digital infrastructure needed to modernize your grid, or to explore the delivery of other services.

Fiber to every address in the city

You control the electronics

Secure, dedicated strands

Smart Apps and Grid Modernization

Electric demand is at an all-time high, so modern grids must be resilient, efficient, secure, and reliable. Smart applications have been shown to drastically reduce energy consumption. And efficient monitoring of your grid can make operations even more efficient. Netly Fiber provides the always-ready dark fiber infrastructure to make it easier for you to deliver a smart, modern, and efficient 21st century electric grid.

Edge Fiber Centers

We locate state-of-the-art Netly Fiber Edge Fiber Centers in every city cluster we’re in. Think of our Edge Fiber Center as a network operation center combined with a data center. It’s truly cutting edge! We invite you to take a tour and see the future of connectivity for your community.

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These days, safety and security is on everyone’s mind. At Netly Fiber, we provide the state-of-the-art dark fiber system with dedicated strands for utilities. In our plug & play model, you control your own network and security to help ensure the most stringent standards are always being met.
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