Wholesale Dark Fiber
for Wireless Carriers

Dedicated strands. Any pole. Anywhere. Anytime.

It almost seems too good to be true. Deploy immediately with access points every 100 feet on every street, citywide. Netly’s terabit-certified wholesale fiber system provides carrier-grade unlit fiber with dedicated strands, no splitting. Deploy your C-RAN hub at our state-of-the-art Edge Fiber Centers designed to exceed all 5G requirements.

Netly’s Value

Netly Fiber provides carrier-grade dark fiber passing every pole in cities we serve. We never skimp on strands, or on quality. Netly Fiber’s infrastructure is terabit-certified to optimize your 5G/small cell systems.

Carrier Grade Dark Fiber

Get ready to deploy now, with the industry’s fastest time-to-market in our launched cities.

Dedicate strands to every address in the city

Ample Server Space & power at our Edge Fiber Centers

The industry’s lowest latency

Edge Fiber Centers

We locate state-of-the-art Netly Fiber Edge Fiber Centers in every city cluster we’re in. Think of our Edge Fiber Center as a network operation center combined with a data center. It’s truly cutting edge! We invite you to take a tour and see the future of connectivity for your community.

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Ideal Pilot Cities

Looking for ideal pilot markets for 5G and IOT/Smart applications? Netly Fiber will help you realize the full potential of your 5G investment and power of innovative Smart applications.

Citywide access points every 100 feet. Any pole. Anywhere. Anytime.

You can build the wireless networks of the future, now. Netly Fiber provides the carrier-grade fiber that you can light and control.

Ready for Light?

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